San Diego Salt Works

Contributed by Ivan Dunn, Coronado Resident, Retired Naval Capt., & Past President of Coronado Rotary

“Salt production in San Diego began around 1871 with a 60-acre facility in South Bay. By 1916, the Western Salt Company extended across the entire south end of the Bay.  Old levees around the western salt ponds now restored to tidal salt marsh, indicate the past use of the area for solar salt production. Although reduced in size, the South Bay Salt Works continues to produce salt in the south San Diego Bay. 

As an operation that has existed since the mid 1880’s and continues to produce ‘solar salt’ today,  I find it fascinating.  It is definitely one of my favorite places to obtain drone video and photos at various times of the day and during the changing views of the colors due to salt water evaporation which produces the salt.  The videos reveal the intricacies of the salt ponds, the equipment and the facility which are there as we speak producing salt.”

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