About Island Icons

True to its mission to serve as Coronado’s primary center for community history, the Coronado Historical Association (CHA) is conducting special oral history interviews with Coronado natives and long-time residents. This special, ongoing project is called Island Icons.

At its core, the Island Icons initiative is a type of oral history interview. Oral history is critical to capturing local history because it helps us record information and stories that might otherwise go undocumented. Local history is not included in national textbooks or history books, so it is up to organizations like CHA to collect these important first-hand accounts and memories for the future. Otherwise, they would be at risk of loss.

The initiative was pioneered in 2020 by CHA volunteers Peg Eddy and Jan Corbett. Peg, Jan, and other CHA volunteers are continually conducting interviews with nominated Icons. The interviews are turned into historical vignettes that feature insights, personal memories, and life experiences. Each month, a new Island Icon is featured in an article in the Coronado Eagle & Journal’s Coronado Magazine. Additionally, the new Icon is featured in this exhibit.

Most importantly, the recorded interview along with the article and photos are collected and stored in CHA’s archives. Community members, friends and family, and researchers in the future will be able to access the interview and learn about these special people.
Island Icons are chosen by a nomination process. Thanks to people in the community like you, we are learning about people who should be honored as an Island Icon. If you know someone who should be interviewed, please let us know by sending their name and contact information by calling 619-435-7242 or by emailing us at info@coronadhistory.org.


The Coronado Historical Association is proud to exhibit and preserve the personal stories of Coronado’s Island Icons. Many people throughout Coronado contributed time, energy, and ideas to produce this exhibit. 

Thank you to our volunteers who made this program possible!

Peg Eddy

Jan Corbet

Kimberlie Guerrieri

Karen Scanlon

Zoraida Payne

Thank you to our community partner:

Coronado Magazine is published by the Coronado Eagle & Journal

Financial support is provided in part by the City of Coronado Community Grant Program

Photos of the in-person exhibit (June 2021 – Sept 2021):