Neighbor to Neighbor

Community Contributors: Amy Steward, Nancy Ratcliffe, Sharon Raffer, David Lowenberg and Ray Karlo Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N) was developed by concerned Coronado citizens in early March 2020, when the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was raising concerns. N2N was envisioned and designed to be […]


by Amanda Moser “I was studying abroad in Spain when I had to return home early due to Pandemic. HomeDepot was the only store open when I got back so I just got some plywood for a canvas to have something to paint on.”

Chalk art

by Ellie Yonkman Ellie’s mom says, “The most explosive area of Ellie’s growth during this unexpected time has been with her art—she spends hours each day sketching and yesterday she asked me to come outside and see this work—she had taken her sketches to the […]

COVID-19 Experience – Sasha Wong

by Sasha Wong “I ain’t a kid no more, We’ll never be those kids again” – Ivy by Frank Ocean It is difficult to think of a time before quarantine. A time when the walls of my home looked less like the bars of a […]

Empty Coronado Scenes

Community Contributor: Mila Albertson, Rita Bowcock, Marc Langlais (CPD), Nancy Ratcliffe, Lynn Cihak, Kitt Williams

COVID-19 Memoir – Grace McGloin

by Grace McGloin I was a senior in high school, entering what many consider the “greatest years of my life.” People always talk about their college experience. The semesters abroad and the connections they made, and the places they went and the things they did. […]

Collage Number Three

by Stella Perez “This piece represents the fragility that humans are made up of. Like the snail we have an outer shell, which is seemingly easily broken. In a time like this, that’s all too real of a comparison. Our metaphorical shell as a society […]

Awkward Goodbyes – Lucy Holland

by Lucy Holland When it was announced that school would be out for three weeks I was ecstatic.  I thought it would be an extended spring break full of friends and vacation.  For the first couple days while the world was still processing an incoming […]

Blue Heron Nests

Community Contributor: Ivan Dunn, Coronado Resident, Retired Naval Capt., & Past President of Coronado Rotary Three videos documenting 14 blue heron nests on top of a Torrey Pine Tree on Glorietta Avenue near the entrance to the Golf Course. Ivan says, “This is the kind […]


by Andrew and Issac Joseph “It was not very fun not being with Mrs. Fuhrmann but I liked when she was drawing on the tv and I could do it with her.” – Andrew “I liked drawing Olaf. I was bummed I couldn’t be in […]


by Ethan Lam “This piece serves as a commentary on how toxic masculinity can be harmful because the man is forced to hide behind makeup to fulfill the expectation of not acting as the ideal man society projects. The man cries to show that despite […]

Mask Up Coronado

Community Contributors: Sharon Raffer, Janice Lowenberg, Refugio Rochin, Marc Langlais (CPD) Sharon Raffer photographed Katy Green, pictured above, on April 21, 2020. Sharon says, “Katy has been making masks and giving them to people in the Coronado community. When people are walking by her porch […]

When the World Stopped – Cole Mullins

by Cole Mullins I never thought that the world would just stop. Throughout my life I have always been moving non-stop, picking up every experience and opportunity that I can along the way. It led me to my senior year where all my accomplishments and […]

COVID-19 Memoir – Annabelle McGloin

by Annabelle McGloin Graduating during a pandemic is not how I envisioned the last few months of my senior year in high school playing out. I had no idea that once my school district closed, I would never return—at least not in the same way. […]

Mija I need to water the plants

by Isabella Anderson “This is a portrait of my sister and my grandpa during quarantine. I called it ‘mija I need to water the plants’ because my grandpa doesn’t like social distancing.”

80th Birthday Celebration

Community Contributor: Emily Talbert Emily says, “These are photos of the ‘drive by’ acknowledgement of my 80thBirthday on 4 April 2020. The festive surprise included about 20 cars and a serenade by Navy Chaplain Sam Contreras, Mary Ann and Mike Chapple’s son-in-law.”

My COVID-19 Story – Sydney Neibert

by Sydney Neibert I believe being born and raised in Coronado has made it harder to watch this community struggle in the battle against the Coronavirus. For the first time ever, I drive down Orange Avenue in the mid-afternoon without seeing anyone walking on the […]


by Brendan McLaughlin Brendan’s mom says, “Brendan missed the ocean so much in quarantine that when the beach was closed we would drive as a family along Ocean Boulevard with the windows down to smell the salty ocean air.”

George Floyd Memorial

Community Contribution: Janice Lowenberg, Brad Willis, Marc Langlais (CPD), and the Coronado Historical Association

Losing The Spring Semester, A College Senior’s Perspective

by D’amy Steward This piece was originally published by the Coronado Eagle Journal March 27, 2020. My name is D’amy Steward and I am a member of the class of 2020 – the class that lost their final spring semester. What does this loss mean? […]

San Diego Salt Works

Contributed by Ivan Dunn, Coronado Resident, Retired Naval Capt., & Past President of Coronado Rotary “Salt production in San Diego began around 1871 with a 60-acre facility in South Bay. By 1916, the Western Salt Company extended across the entire south end of the Bay.  […]


by Emilia Marrujo “As long as I can remember I have been sending and receiving letters in the mail. I have always felt that letter writing allows a more fun and personal way for one to communicate with friends and loved ones.  In these uncertain […]

Family Videos

by Anonymous Five videos include “Hummingbird”, “Music: Beat we will rock you!”, “Don’t stop me now,” “Dance,” and “Draws a neighborhood”. Mom explains the last video: “The first week of distance learning [my daughter] had an assignment to create a drawing of her neighborhood. Our […]